Successful H1B Renewal stamping -Tijuana,Mexico on Mar 19,2014


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Hi All,


I have been to Tijuan, Mexicao for my H1B renewal on 19th Mar 2014. As everyone said, it was very smooth. Interveiw was aournd 2-3 mins. I would like to share my experience,


Follwoing are the question:(she was so friednly, smiling through out the interview)


Hello GM, how r u? (Gave my Passport, DS 160 and I797)

VO: Very GM, fine..How r u?

I: Fine, Thanks for asking.

VO: Sorry for the long wait.


VO: When did you come?

I: At 8:30, 

VO: Again Sorry(My slot was at 10 A.M, I was there at 8:30 and waiting for the visa interview from 9 to 11:30)

VO:Is this you first H1

I:No, I am here for my Renewal?

VO:You were there in XXX state and YYY state?

I: Yes, I did my MS there.

VO: MS in?


Vo:where do you live?


VO:Can I get you Employment Verification Letter?

I: Gave that, and about to give some more documents to related to that (She smiled and said: not needed, I don't want to put extra work on me to go through all the documents)

VO: Whats your annual Salary?


Vo: Systems is taking time..gave a slip and told me to collect the passport tomorrow at 2 from the outside building where you got the token.

I: Thank and Have a gud day.


I am on EVC model, she didn't ask for single documents other than Employment Verification Letter (Apart from Pass Port, DS 160, I797).


Border Crossing: Collected the passport post 2 pm next day, came to border around 2.45 

and  in US around 4(The whole process i.e I94, POE,Security took around 1:15 mins)


Hope my experience helps for the people who are planning to go to Tijuana, Good luck...

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