OPT social security tax issue and tax credits


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I've a few questions regarding my tax status and also about possible tax credits.
I got my undergrad (August 2008 - May 2012) as well as my graduate degree (August 2012 - May 2013) in the US. In June 2013 I started working on OPT and still am. I've told my employer that I'm not required to pay social security taxes since I'm on F-1 OPT and haven't paid any since I started.
Now that it's tax season, I've been looking through a few websites and noticed that I'm only a non-resident for tax purposes for the first five years in the US and after the first five years which would be the start of 2013 I'm considered a resident alien. Is that correct? Would I be considered a resident alien for 2013?

Also, am I eligible for any tax credits like the American Opportunity Tax Credit or anything else?



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