Question on confirming the Visa Slot for Vancouver Consulate


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Hi All,


I have scheduled an appointment for H1B Visa stamping at Vancouver consulate with my then existing I-797 receipt number(which was expiring in July 2014). I did this sometime in Nov 2013 and selected a date in Apr 2014.


In FEB 2014, I have applied for my H1 Extension and got approval for my extension. 


Now that I have a new I-797 and a new receipt number, do I have to update my new receipt number anywhere on the Canada Consulate website? 


If I click on 'Reschedule appointment' and then change the consulate from Vancouver to any other consulate in Canada then it was asking me for the receipt number. At that point of time, if I update with my new receipt number and proceed further, I am afraid that I might loose the date that I have selected for Vancouver. Apart from this route, I haven't found any screen where I can update my receipt number.


Can  anyone please let me know if I have to update the receipt number anywhere? If so, please guide me on how to do this?




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As far as i know, You can reschedule appointment only at the Same US consulate where you had initially scheduled But not rescheduling to different consulate.

In that case you may have to cancel appointment, get the new receipt number by paying again specific to the consulate where you planning to go

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Hi Prathiksha,


I was just wondering if you filed a new a DS160 ? I am in similar situation. I have Toronto on my DS160 but I want to go to Ottawa as Toronto has no dates available until October.


Can you please let know if I have to file a new DS160 or just use Ottawa as my interview location on CSC site.





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