Change of employer after gc approval

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  I know this question has been asked millions of times on the internet but I want to repost it here and see what the experts think.

  I got my gc about 4 months back and want to know if changing the employer will cause any immediate potential problems? either from the sponsoring employer or USCIS?

   can we accept offers before 6 months after the gc approval and start the new employment after 6 months wait period.. (This 6 months period is what I keep hearing on various forums)


Thanks in advance..

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If it is the same field roughly you can take up better opportunities whenever they come up just like a person with a GC for years. 6 months is just a rough guide to avoid accusations of fraud. Say you are laid off from the big microprocessor company 2 days after getting the GC you are free to seek other employment. It is case specific.

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