certified copy of Indian passport ??


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Hi all,

We applied for an ITIN for my wife last year in person at an IRS center capable of verifying her Indian passport (and eventually sent her original passport in the mail), but her W-7 application was rejected by IRS and my tax return was processed as single. After calling the IRS, it seems that someone put the note that "there was something wrong with the passport", and that her signature seemed to have  been modified.


This is crazy news to us, and after repeated calls to the IRS, we were told that one option was to get a certified copy of her Indian passport through the Indian embassy or consulate. We live in Pittsburgh, and the Indian consulate serving PA is in New York (!). I am wondering if anyone has had luck with getting a certified copy of their passport through the Indian embassy.


The other options we have are not looking good, as her Indian voter's id is riddled with mistakes..Has anyone provided Aadhar card and US state id as the documents for the W-7 application? We are really frustrated that it is taking us this long to get her an ITIN.




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