Help with Answers to Q's 17-21 of Section J in ETA 9089 - URGENT help appreciated


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Hi all...
I appreciate help from people on this forum.. 

This is my situation: 

My Perm application was filed with Masters + 1 year of experience. My question is: 

My application is filed as below: 

H 6. Is experience in the job offered required for the job ? Selected Option : Yes 

H 6-A If Yes, number of months of experience required : 12 

H 10. Is experience in an alternate occupation acceptable? Selected Option : Yes 

H 10-A. If Yes, number of months of experience in alternate occupation required : 12 

J 18. Does the alien have the experience as required for the requested job opportunity indicated in question H.6? NA (selected option) 

J 20. Does the alien have experience in an alternate occupation specified in question H.10? Selected Option : Yes. 

My Question is, Should the lawyer have been selected Yes or No option in the J 18 column instead of NA. 

Please let me know if my lawyer did this my mistake. I will check with my lawyer once I get your inputs.
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