LCA and permanent labor certification

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1. Can the LCA associated with H1-B and the permanent labor certification be filed at the same time? Or is only the permanent labor certification

filed in such cases?

2. If one switches to another employer after the permanent labor

certification is approved, I suppose one has to have the new employer file afresh for a new permanent labor certification. Is this correct, or can

one have the new employer file for I-140 within 180 days of the approval

of the permanent labor certification filed by the previous employer? How

long does one need to stay with the employer who files the I-140 in order that the process need not be repeated starting from either filing of the

permanent labor certification, or filing of a new I-140?

3. At what point may one step out of the country for a while (say, for

about one year) without jeopardizing one's case?

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