Calgary May 06 Tues ? Any one around same time ? we can plan


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Is anybody going for first time H1B stamping and doesn't have a US degree?

I am H4 to H1B and no degree from US.

The following US Consulate website says they don't entertain first time stamping if the person doesn't have US or Canada degree which is used in H1b processing. 
Please advise.
Thanks in advance
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I have my H1B VISA Interview Appointment on Tuesday, May 06,2014 at 8.00 am (Calgary)


If any one around same time we can plan things together... 


my email is in the profile.... 



    I have an interview on May 5th at 8:00 am and I would like to share the accommodation. Could you respond here or to my email id (in my profile as "About me") as i dont see your email id on your profile, Thanks.



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