Filed I-485 on F3 (family) working in USA on TN-Current status - Testing and Interview


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Recently we filed I-485 along with EAD & AP for myself & my family.


Initially they asked another AOS(support), Okay, we provided promptly. Because of this, they reset the time limit (date) for our EAD & AP approval! Normally it should be approved within 90 days!


Q. How many time they can reset date to approve EAD/AP?


Later, our status changed to "Testing and Interview" However, I did not received anything in this respect.


I am working here in USA since 2006 and my TN (& family TD) was approved several time, across the border (POE) and by mail also. Every Time we visited POE, they grilled us too much, verified all documents. e.g. asked original birth certificate, degree certificate & evaluation etc. They asked same documents several time. Every time they ask us, we provide same documents.because that's all we have. for I-485 we provided same documents (copy). Originals they verified at least three time. As my boys grown,we had to convert their status to F-1 (Student) Both are full time student. Since last two year I am employee of state government (TN).


Q. Now what they really want to know by "Testing and Interview"?

Q. Why they even need "Testing and Interview" Since my I-485 is based on family! My elder brother from India immigrated long back, processed by consulate.

Q. Original copy of our birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.. they grilled several time. Now what they are looking?

Q. What kind of testing is required on family based petition?

Q. I married to my wife in 1988 and as of today, I have same wife. Now what they want from us?

Q. My two boys were born in 1991 & 1994 respectively. Same boys are living with me since then. Both graduated from high school in USA and both are full time college student? What they are looking in "Testing and Interview"?

Q. Location of "Testing and Interview"? (living in Oklahoma)


Additional Information:

My father US citizen filed I-130, approved in 2009.

Category: F3 (Married son!)

PD: FEB 3, 2003


Born: India

Citizen: Canada:

US Status: TN (working as State Government Employee)

Family: Spouse (TD) two boys both on F-1 (Student)

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