L1 B expired, I 94 valid, conversion to L1 A denied, available options ?


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My visa (L1 B Blanket) and dependents visa (wife and kids) (L2) was valid till mid Oct 2013.  We all went to India for vacation and came back to US in Sep 2013 (1 month before expiring visa) and luckily got I-94 valid till 2016 (valid for next 3 years).


Unfortunately due to some emergency my family (wife and kids) has to travel back to India in Dec 2013 (Visa already got expired in Oct 2013).  As I am still in US applied for conversion L1 B to L1 A, which just got denied.


Now my question is :-


1. Am I eligible to stay in US and work till 2016 (As I have valid I-94 till 2016)


2. If eligible then how my dependents can come to US ?



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A denial on a change of status request would typically have no impact on the person's existing status. However, please note that a person can remain in the U.S. in L1B status for a maximum of 5 years, even if the amount of time granted on the I-94 extends beyond the 5-year limit.


If the principal is in valid L1B status, his dependent spouse and children are generally eligible to apply for a new L-2 visa.

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