H1B stamping Calgary - March 14th


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Its payback time.I had my interview today. It went very smoothly. Here are the questions 



VO : GM How are you 

Me : GM  I am fine ..how are you


VO : Purpose of visit

Me : H1B Visa stamp


VO :Where do you work 

Me : XXX


VO: what does your company do?

me :XXX


VO : What is your role

Me ; XXX


VO : What's your major 

me : XXX

VO : Which college ?

me : XXX (VO is impressed)


VO : When did you came to US ?

me : Month & year


VO : Have you read the booklet?

me : I was going thought it,meanwhile my number was called.


VO : So you work for XXX employer?

me : yes


VO : Does he pay in time ?

me : yes


VO: Does he pay for extra hours ?

me : I am not supposed to work extra hours as per the client req


VO : who payed for the appointment fee?

me : I payed for it myself


VO: Don't you know that your employer is supposed to pay for it as per the H1B rules( he was pointing the booklet smiling) ?

me : oh ..I don't know about that & I didn't completed going through the booklet. I will ask for refund ..I said smiling


VO : Gave me the white paper with rules & said your visa is approved

me : Thank you sir .. you have a good weekend :)


There was another couple with me & there visa also got approved.Same questions as mine



VO : did any body apply GC for you


H4 questions :


When did you get married?


What is your highest degree?


Are you going to work in US?





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