H1B Maxed Out - I140 Approved - But No Approval Copy - FOIA?


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Hello - I came to USA on H1B of Company A, after few years I changed to Company B on H1 transfer. Company B filed my GC, and I got I140 approved in Jan 2012. At present, I have 3 years extension on my approved I140, and have maxed out H1B regular years.


Now, I am looking for career change to Company C but Company B is not sharing I140 approval copy (I have receipt number only). I read that FOIA can be one option to get I140 or equivalent proof. I read on USCIS site but not able to compile steps to follow.


Can someone please guide steps to get I140 or equivalent proof using FOIA? Do I need a lawyer or I can request USCIS myself? Will they contact my Company B?



Appreciate your help in need.

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