Calgary - 13th March - Approved


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Hi All,


Firstly Thank you Murthy forums.


My Interview was at 8 am. went in there by 7:30. was out by 8:10.




VO: Do you have any client? What is it?

told. She asked me to hold and i think she was searching info regarding my client.


VO: (while typing) What does your client do?

explained in detail


VO: highest degree? In? which University?



VO: Who does your payroll? How long are you with them?

VO: Are they good? Do they pay you on time?


VO: Your visa is approved. Handed over the instructions.


there were 2 h1b before me. Both approved.


2 more friends had interview at 9am.


Interview 1:

VO: What do you do? Roles and Responsibilies


VO: Do you have a client? Who is your client?


VO: Does you employer pay you on time? Does he give you vacation?

VO: Did you read the booklet? Your Visa is approved.


Interview 2:

VO: Have you been in US before? What did you study there?

VO: Who is your employer? Do you work at employer lcoation or client location?

VO: Who is your client? DOes your employer pay you on time? Approved.





We stayed at Ramada NorthWest Calgary. There is train service every 5 minutes and is just 15 minutes from here.



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