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Hello All,

I have a question about my GC processing. Here is my background.
I have bachelor’s degree from India worked in indian software company for 4 years 8 months. I came to USA on H1B with same company in Feb-2009.
Then moved to other Company let’s say B here in USA in Feb-2010.
Company B agreed to filed my GC after 2.5 years in EB2 (at my previous job i have 4.5 years exp only).

At last my company applied my labor in Feb-2014.
If some thing happened to my labor (Company B never did any GC filing I’m the 1st person) i don’t have any other option other than leaving USA as my H1b is expiring in Feb-2015.
I have been interviewed with one company and explained my situation, so they are ready to apply my GC as future employment though i wont work for them until I get i140.

So here are my questions.
1. Can I apply 2 labors at same time as my current company applied labor already in FEB and new company ready to apply labor in April?
Will it cause any issue applying multiple labors for same person?
2. If we don’t have any issue with applying multiple labor can I get two I 140's from 2 employers?
3. If my 6 years h1b time expires, do i have to leave USA for 1 year? or can i move to other status like H4 and after 1 year move to h1b back again?
Appreciate your help.

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