H1 Cap-exempt to H1B Cap-subject


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Visa Status - I came to USA on L1B visa in Oct 2007 and worked for 4 years. Then I joined a company (current company where I work) in Sep 2011 through H1B (Cap exempt) visa. I completed my 6 years stay in USA (which was valid till Dec 2013). But because my PERM application is in process(with current employer) and more than 365 days, recently got 1 year extension and my passport is recently stamped with H1B (from current employer) till Dec 2014. Now I am intested for cap-subject visa as i am planning to switch to a cap-subject employer.


Question - As I completed 6 years stay in USA (but with cap exempt visa). Am I eligible for a fresh H1B under cap this year Apr 2014?  Please clarify.

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