Question about Canada tourist visa


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I have uploaded the documents on website for canada tourist visa except Itinerary travel and Invitation doc since i dont know when i will travel and I am going for H1b visa stampling so no invitation letter.


After uploading rest of the documents, i dont see any continue button. dont know what is missing. It doesnt show any error on website either.  I cant even pay the fees since the page doesnt move on. 


Any idea if i am missing something?

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You need not need a confirmed itenary. Just hold a itenary and submit that copy. Usually in american airlines, you can hold a itenary for 24 hours without paying any money. Or else i guess a word document giving your expected dates of travel would also work. I suggest first one as I followed that approach.


And For invitation letter, I used I 797 copy.


Put those two and try once.




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You have to upload all the necessary documents to proceed to the next page. So create a sample itinerary doc and upload it. Below is the sample i created.



                                                                                Travel Itinerary


Ph no
The Canadian Embassy, 
Immigration Section 
Dear Visa Officer, 
Subject: Request for a visitor visa
i am unable to book a flight ticket Without the visa approval. So, | don’t have an itinerary at this point.
Please do not hesitate to Contact me via telephone or e-mail if you have any questions. 
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