F2 to H1b need help


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Is it mandatory to stay at least 3 months or 30/60 days in USA before applying changing the status from F2 to H1B.

Will it be ok with the following case. Reached USA on Feb25th on F2(dependent) and planing to apply H1b this April 2014

Please reply me. Your answer is more helpful to me. Thank you

No, it is not mandatory at all. Yes, a new employer can file a H1B petition for you in April 2014.

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Thanks for your reply.. Actually I have one more doubt can I convert to F1 if my H1 is not approved or rejected. Actually I can't effort MS here so I'm planing to go with H1b as first option. I'm finanacialy very laging. I have work experience in India.

Yes, you can file for COS to F1 provided you get admission to  good university.

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