Visa Stamping Done In jaimica on March3rd


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Its time to back to murthy forum and say thanks


My visa interview was on march3rd and it interview went well


Visa Interview questions


VO: Which company your working for ??

Me: xxx




VO:  Tell me your Company Loc



Vo: Tell me your role


ME :xxxx


Vo: Your Employer Compnay CEO Name


me: XXX


Vo: is she is indian(CEO)


me : i Said No


VO: Which Client your working


me : Client Name




me: xxx

VO: What is your salary


ME :xxxxx


Vo: Who pays your salary




Vo: Finally He is asking when your leaving kingston


Me : XXX


visa offiecer has issued red slip to collect my passport.


Those who are coming to jaimica visa interview bring all documentations and be ready for showing all papers to visa offier and make sure be confident to answer any question then your will get visa easy

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