221(G) white slip Vancouver March04/14


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I had a Visa interview in Vancouver today and VO officer gave me a 221G white slip and told me that "we need to review your case and will update you further. Right now we don't need any additional documents "

and then she returned my passport and took i-797 and DS-160 and my client and employer letters.


I guess for issuing me an white slip would be I submitted my DS-160 on saturday, March1.

Also She was confused with my client letter(s).

She even asked me when your bachelor's was from Mech background why did you move to Computer's.


Does anyone have same situation or waiting for an update for same 221g? 

Let me know. Im in Ramada D/town.


As of now I didn't get any update from them as many people said It would take at least a day to create an issue/tracking number and let us know.




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I recieved a mail from vancouver fps to appear at consulate.

I went today morning and the same lady who interviewed me showed up again and told me that

"we sent your application to USCIS for educational evaluation.

Now the decision is pending with them and consulate cannot do anything until we get an response from them.

If they say that you're eligible to work on h1 we will approve and if not we are sorry."

As my bachelor's is from mechanical domain and master's is in computers with 2&half years of IT experience.

Wondering what would be the decision from USCIS.

Can I apply for another H1 this April???

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