Calgary successful h1b stamping but no update on passport pick up


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Hi friends,

I attended the h1b visa stamping interview on 25th tuesday in Calgary, and visa officer said finally that my visa is approved and gave me the instruction to check the status of the passport delivery.

However, I still did not see any update on passport pick up. There is no status on ceac and csc info  websites about my passport.

Additionally, I also called loomis pick up, but loomis said they still did not receive my passport. I guess there is no pims process on my case because no pims was written on my ds-160.

Please let me know if there is anything I need to do on my end to get the updates. 


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Hi Friends,


My Status just got updated to Issued...


Below is the chronology:

March 5th - Stamping Date

March 6th  - CEAC : Admin Processing

March 7th - CEAC : Admin Processing (Status Updated Date changed to March 7th from March 5th)

March 10th - CEAC : Issued


Good Luck and I wish everyone waiting will get their passports ASAP. :)

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