changing location after 485 is approved.


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My 485 got approved recenlty. My employer wants me to work from the new location now and so do I, ASAP. It will be for the same GC position only location will be changed. Do you think this can be an issue in the future? Will I have to work at the location for 3-6 months before leaving to new one? I am not working for another employer. I will be with same employer, same position but only different location? I personally think it should be safe but want to know opinion of experts around here.

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If your I-485 adjustment of status application has been approved and you have received your permanent resident ("green") card, then you are free to relocate (and even change positions) with your current employer at any time.  Staying with your employer for the first 6 months is not an actual rule, regulation, or law, but more of a recommended practice.  Receiving employer sponsored permanent residence ("green card") and then immediately changing employers can be seen an issue.  However, that would not apply in this case as you are staying with the same employer.  The location has no impact, nor require any filings, etc. (unlike when on a H-1B visa).

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Thank you for your reply. So as long as I have proper documentation of my transfer

this should not be an issue later during naturalization right? I am going to have a conversation with my lawyer again. She has always insisted I have to work from first location at least for a few months.

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Well, you were sponsored for that location. However, things may change. If they change before your approval, a new case or AC21 need to be filed. If after, there is no issue. The question is always whether your employer meant for you to work in a different location, but filed for another one because it was easier to approve. That does not seem to be the case here because you actually worked at the original location.

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