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I am on Opt extension from 2013 jan.Last year around the same time march i changed my employer and gave the employer info to the University to update to SEVIS.but the marketing and job was done through the sister company of the employer till i have payrolls with the sister company and unfortunatley i dint update the sister company info to the UNiversity.from october o was again under parent company parent company is filing H1b for cut short from march 2013 my uni?SEVIS will have A as my employer but its actually B for 6 months and then A after that.would that be a problem if i missed the reporting of employer B to i am making resume to file H1b through the parent compnay A so in my resume can i skip the sister company and just put parent company A as my employer for the past one year(i worried if doing so bcoz the sister company B have payrolls run) or if i mention both A and B in resume would that be a prob as i have not reported B as my employer ever but worked for them,

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