Issue with Immigration Status at NJ DMV


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I have change of status from F1 to H1B with start date as Oct 1,2013. When I visited DMV for DL renewal on Feb 22, 2014 , they were unable to verify my immigration status so they have opened a USCIS SAVE case. After a week DMV got a response that my immigration status is invalid and DMV suggested to consult USCIS on this. Any idea what does invalid immigration status mean?


I have visited India after my H1 was approved and returned before H1 start date (I returned to US on Aug 11 with F1 status). Not sure if this has caused the issue.


Is this something common for COS? I am worried as I have my H1B visa stamping date at Canada in another 10 days. Did anyone face similar issue? Any information on this is appreciated.

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please contact your employer attorney immediately.


this sometime happens for COS, since all the systems are not updated concurrently. a week or two is the ideal case.


But since you mentioned that you went to DMV after 4 months its not possible.

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