canadian citizen work in USA


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A Canadian citizen still needs employer sponsorship to work in the U.S.  However, there is a TN visa, which involves a much easier process than a H-1B visa petition.  One of the limitations of a TN visa is it does not allow dual immigration intent, and thus, you cannot pursue permanent residency (green card) on a TN visa.  You would need to be on a H-1B visa to pursue permanent residency (green card).

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Canada is another country, so a Canadian citizen needs a work permit, like everybody else.


And for a GC, the country of birth is important, not the country of citizenship.

Anybody can get a GC without an H1. They are completely independent. But due to the long timeframe to get a GC, most people use an H1 as a stepping stone.

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Why do you need a gc? With canadian citizenship just drive to the border and get TN1. Its easier and not so many restrictions. You can get unlimited TN1 for every 3 years, unless H1b


Some Canadians may want to immigrate to the US, just like people from other countries.

The TN is a non-immigrant visa. It is also not available for all professions.

And of course, with a GC, a person is not tied to an employer.

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