Experience Letters for Perm Filing


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Hi Friends, 
Going to start the GC process. As a part of PERM filing, my attorney is asking me the experience letters with skills and roles mentioned in those. I do have experience letters but it says duration of the employment and designation. 

My attorney says, he needs the skills and role/job duties mentioned in that letter. Can I get that letter from my friend who used to work in the same firm on normal paper? Because, my attorney is saying that, that skills and role information also should be on company letter head. It that true? 

Or i can submit on normal paper with my friend's sign (who was in the same firm with me)? Please let me know on the same. 

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If you are unable to obtain primary evidence of experience (Letter from authorized individual on company letterhead confirming dates of employment, job title and job duties), you will need to provide a self-affidavit describe your attempt to obtain that primary evidence, 2 colleague affidavits from individuals that worked with you at that previous employer and have direct personal knowledge of your job duties, and any corroborating evidence of that employment (i.e. service certificate, relieving letter, paystubs, immigration documents, etc.).

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