Feb26th Visa Stamping @ Calgary


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Hello All,

I attended my visa interview on Feb 26th @ Calgary. It was quite simple. Here are the questions asked. 

1. Who do you work for? 

2. What is your job role?

3. What is your highest degree? Which univ?

4. Is the current job a new job or the same job while you applied H1?

5. Who is your employer?

6. Does he pay on time?

7. Do you have any issues with your employer?


Then the VO said, "I don't see any issues in approving your visa. But there is only one problem, our system is not able to accept your photo(I had my photo with glasses). Please submit a new photo without your glasses. Once you submit, we will start processing your visa. Your visa will arrive in 3-5 business days". She gave me a white slip which said, "Administrative Processing- Photo" as the headline.  


I submitted my new photo as soon as my interview was done and the lady who issues interview ticket numbers said that she will send the photo for processing ASAP. 


I don't know if anyone faced this scenario. If anyone did, can you please let me know how many days did they take for processing?


For everyone else, make sure you take your photo without your glasses(if you have one). Be confident. It will be a cake walk. 3 people before me also had their visas approved.




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