Visa Stamp in Toronto (Feb 26)


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All - I benefited a lot reading these forums. Here is my turn to contribute.

On Feb 26 @ 10 AM i had my interview at Toronto. it lasted for about 2 minutes

  1. Regular checks before going for Visa Interview. All the process with document check completed in 15 minutes.
    The officer wrote PIMS OK on my letter after initial verification
  2. Finger Printing
  3. Abut 10 mins of wait time and my number was called.
    VO- Questions: 
  4. How are you?
  5. Took my I-797
  6. You are here for H-1B extenson? I said YES
  7. You work at XXX?
  8. Explain what i do at XXX...before i could start next question was asked
  9. What is my title and what is the compensation
  10. Where do i live in the US
  11. Whom do i live with in the US
  12. Highest Degree
  13. This part is known as Happiness :)
    Visa is approved- i was given a booklet about my rights
  14. VO asked me when i was going back and asked me if i would prefer to pick it up at the consulate and i said OK.
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