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Hello all,


It’s payback time. Thanks everyone for all the support and answering queries on time.


My scenario: Pay checks with per-diem. Driver’s license is not from the state of residence. EVC model.


Interview on 18th Feb 2014.

Location : Ottawa,Canada



Here is my detailed interview


VO: Hello, How are you?

Me: I am good. Thank you. How about yourself?


VO: Good. Thank you. Whom do you work for?



VO: Ohh..Never heard of that company. What do they do?



VO: What to do you do?



VO: How long have been working with them?

Me: 3 years and 5 months.


VO: Where do you work?

Me: I am currently working at XXX(Client location)


VO: What to do you there?

Me: XXX(same as What to do you do?)


VO: Did you do your masters here?

Me: Yes.


VO: Where?



VO: What did you study?



VO: Hmmm..Who is your boss?

Me: At Employer level, I report to XXX and at the client place, I report to XXX.


VO: Why does your F1 visa say YYY. You said you graduated “XXX”

Me: Because I am a transfer student. I transferred as XXX  has more courses relative to my field.


VO: Are you single?

Me: Yes


VO: All alone in USA?

Me: Yes. With a smile


VO: How do you like the current location you are in?

Me: I like the place.


VO: We need to do background check on your company. My system is not giving good reviews. Did you face any issues with the company?

Me: No. I never had any issues.


VO: Do you get paid on time.

Me: Yes.


VO: I will have to check few things about your employer. I am not rejecting your visa but we will need some information from your company. It will have 3-4 days of time.

Me: Okay. Thank you. Have a good day.


VO gave me a white 221(g) form which stated they need further information.


18th Feb 2014(9:30) - Date of interview


18th Feb 2014(4:30 PM) I got an email from “” asking for 12 months paystubs, recent w2 and point of contact at client location.


I replied to the email.


When they receive your email, will get back an email stating


“You have reached the Ottawa FPU inbox. Please be assured that your
pending case is being processed and you will be notified as quickly as
possible. Please do not send multiple status update requests as this
will only further delay the review process.

Once your application process has been completed, we will notify you via

Please do not send general questions as they will NOT be answered.

DO NOT make irrevocable travel plans prior to having your visa issued!”


19th Feb : I sent an email asking if they received my documents. I didn’t receive any reply.

20th Feb: Client was contacted at 8:15 in the morning.  

21st Feb: Visa is approved. Got an email stating the same.

24th Feb: Picked passport from Loomis center.




Please make sure you give a heads up to your company and client about your interview

DONOT send .RAR or .ZIP files. Attach all your pay stubs individually and send them over.


221(g) white means they need more additional information. BE STRONG. It won’t take too long.Per-diem and license didn’t play a role in my scenario. All my paystubs had Per-diem.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Hope this information helps someone.


Thanks a ton again!!








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