Jamaica H1b stamped


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Hi guys

It's time to pay back to murthy forum

Had my appointment on 24th

The interview went for around 15 minutes

Who is your employer

Who is your client

Show me your w2

Show me your pay stubs

What did u do during opt

Show me your LCA

How many employees does your company have

Are all the employees H1b visa holder

When did your company start

What services does it provide

How many employers did u change and why did u change

Show me all your pay stubs , you just gave me 6 months pay stubs

How long with current employer

How many members in your team

Can you tell about your project , your role and responsibilities

Which employer were you with during your opt and why did you change

Show me your tax returns

Employer tax returns

Which location do u work

Finally gave red slip and asked to pick passport

Jamaica visa stamping make sure you have all documents .... It is very very very important ... They are checking each and every document ... If you have all of them then stamping is easy .... Important thing is you have to answer every question confidently and have every document ...

I felt it was a long interview ... Documentation very important as they are checking every document ... Good luck to every one who is attending visa here

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I don't want to post another thread, but i too see similar questions. As with every other consulate be prepared with all the documentation and make sure that you fill ds-160 and answers to VO truthfully.


If 221G is issued don't be panic, they will ask supporting documents. Once provided and verified, visa will be issued. Response is pretty fast.


Good luck guys.

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