Being Certified Public Accountant qualifies for Extraordinary Ability ?


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I may have the same questions like most of them. All I have seen here are  the people  from India with engineering degrees. I have done Bachelor degree  in Commerce (B.Com) from India and M.B.A  ( Accounting ) from USA.


I wanted to know what exactly does extraordinary ability means. If all that it means is about the qualifications and degrees , then I would like to know that being a person from accounting background, If i obtain professional certifications like Certified Public Accountant , Certified Management Accountant  and other such premier qualifications in my field of work ( which are treated to be highest professional certifications in that area of specialization) be treated/considered for being qualified as extraordinary ability. 


I have written to few attorneys and most of the replies that i have got are that they aren't sure  as they have not come across such situations.






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