H1B stamping approved @ Vancouver 02/24/2014


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I had my appointment @ 10:00 AM in the morning 

Mine is H1b Extension

I should say it is one of the coolest and casual interviews i have had in recent years


Q)Can you give me your passport and DS-160 ?

Q)Can you give me you LCA,Paystubs,end client letter,employer letter?

Q)what company do you work for?

Q)since when are you employed with this company?

Q)what is your end client name?

Q)Since when did you start working at the client ?

Q)what do you work as at the client?

Q)Can you explain what you do and what you roles are specifically?

Q)How much do you get paid ?

Verified paystubs in the meanwhile

she said the system is updating ,just give me a few minutes

and she took my passport, ds160  and I-797 and put in the holder for approved cases

then she gave me a employee handbook for rights and stuff and a business card for reporting any employer abuse related issues and also gave me a paper with directions for checking the waybill number online to know the status of passport


I have heard from several people who took the interview on the same day were all approved


Good luck to all the people who are looking forward to getting interviewed

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Can you please let me know the process to get my H1-B VISA approved.

I wanted to apply my application online.  Can you please let me know the complete process.  I am searching a lot on this but didn't get much information about it.

Please help me out.


Thank you. 

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