skipped to mention a 1.5 month internship


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Hello, ive applied for PERM, got it approved. Now applying for 140.

I've always skipped one internship which I've done in the beginning of my career to mention it in my resume. Worked for 1.5 months. In 1099 tax term. I've applied h1, extended etc, using the same resume, no problem until now. Now I'm worried about the GC, does it matter in the 140 stage? If it matters, what is my option.

Please help. Thanks.

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The labor certification form says to include ALL experience in the prior three years and any other relevant experience. If someone has experience that has no been previously reported to USCIS and that might have to or want t report in the Green Card process it would be a good idea to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer on how to present the information, whether it does need to be reported, whether there was any other violation of the immigration laws, since generally a foreign national working in the United States is required to do so as an employee.

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