My H1B Stamping Experience on 2/24/2014 at Vancouver


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All I prepared for my interview is going thruu last 5 interviews in this forum and it was really helpful.Thanks everyone. This is my first time H1B Stamping. Please find below the Questions VO asked me:


1.) Please give me your Employer letter , LCA and Pay stubs and Drivers Licence.


2.) How much is your Pay? I told him XXXX anually. Then he started looking at my pay checks. For a moment I thot his next question would be why is your pay more than LCA. But he didn't. All he asked me is do you get paid monthly or by weekly. In my mind I thot i will could get that pay by weekly. I said Monthly.


3.) Who is your Employer? How long have you been working with him??


4.) Do you have an End- Client? ME: yes VO: Can i Have you client-letter please.


5.) Btw you did not give me your Licence ??  Me: Sorry totally forgot.


6.) Do you have a higher degree in US??


7.) Which University??


8.) What is your Major? ME: EE  VO:  So you are working as a Software Engineer. ME: Yes I do. (I didn't want to explain why software engineer unless he asked me)


9.) When did you Graduate?? So you are working while your are studying?? ME: Yes I defended my thesis when i was in OPT.


10.) So why is your Licence in so and so state when you are working in so and so??

ME: I didn't get a chance to change my licence. Probably I should when i get back to US.


Finally he said the Golden words i wanted to hear. Your VISA is approved.


Once again Thanks a ton to everyone in this forum for their valuable posts.





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