Have i been out of status which could cause a denial on the h1b?


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My employer received an Rfe questioning my status at the time the h1 b was filed on my behalf.What are my chances of a denial on the h1b? Have i been out of status?


On 11/21/2013 -- labor was approved thru current employer

11/29/2013 -- applied b2 visa independently citing i would pack up to leave(since was short on time to get extended for h1b as well)

12/3/2013 -- employer filed I140

12/4/2013--i resigned from client site and stopped working(since h1b expired)

12/14/2013 -- I140 approved

12/24/2013 -- H1B filed by employer

2/11/2014 -- B2 denial Reason cited- since h1b was filed by my employer

2/13/2014 -- rfe on h1b

Thanks for your response/s.

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My question was meant to specifically be in this regard: the rfe on the h1b requires evidence to prove i was in status as of the date of h1 b filing i.e. 24th dec. As per me since i was anticipating a response on the b2 (which was denied as of 11th feb) i was in status at the time of filing is how i understand it. However, with the rfe being issued im thinking if uscis needs me to elaborate and respond OR should i file a mtr on the B2 and then respond to the rfe on the h1. Thanks

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