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Dear Readers,

I recently visited TJ o FEB 4 -6 for H1B Renewal. I'm a full time employee and I work at my company’s corporate office unlike EVC Model.


Day1: Parked the border at Border Station Parking and took a rikshaw ride ( with motor) to the border. Crossed the border on foot and was stopped by a mexican official and was asked where i was heading . I told them that am going to TJ for to visit US Consulate. That's it she let me go did not check anything.


I had an appoint at 1:00PM and i was in Tijuana by 11:00 I guess. Took a cab to ASC directly and realized that nothing is allowed inside (except DS 160 appointment and passport and wallet ) . The cab drivers are far better than from India. They will not cheat you and demand reasonable money.  My cab driver did not seem to know where the office and struggled a bit in locating the address. (often he had to ask others where the address is) . But eventually he could find it no issues at all.


But don't panic there is an internet cafe on the left side of the ASC office that has lockers (2 $ where you can fir all your valuables). I even left my carry on bag with them they are very nice and courteous people. You could come early too . Its not  a problem with the ASC. ASC appintment took about 30 MIN. Thats it.


After ASC was done checked into hotel (Placia Azteca) This one is OK , Gives free  ride to US Consulate and has a bar and restaurant and safe locker in the room. Its little noisy due to the traffic. But for 69 Dollars cant ask more.


Day 2 FEB 5TH 10:00: Visa Appointment:

I was there by 9:00AM, you could be there by 8:00 too and get a token that has your number. If you come early you can leave early as your token no will be called early. You first give your finger prints and then you wait for your turn for VISA interview. I think i ad to wait nearly 2 hours for my turn .


Visa Interview:

Who is your employer ?

How many locations does your employer have ?

What do they do ?

When did you come to US first ?

Where did you do your Masters from ? 

Did not care to check for my degree or transcripts.

Do you have your it tax returns or w2's ?

Just gave them w2's. she was OK with it. Strangely she never asked for paystubs.

That's it . Your VISA is approved . Please come at 2:00 PM tomorrow to collect your visa.


Day 3: Checked out hotel at 12:30 PM and has the hotel give me a free  ride to Consulate.

Collected the passport and took a cab to San Ysidro Border. 


Note: While coming back you will see a big line that stretches very far back. Don't stand in that line keep walking until you see a 194 PERMIT BUILDING. The agents inside the building are not well versed with H1B Visas. Please make sure that they put the valid date on i 94 (which should be the date of your visa or passport exp date which ever comes first i guess).  You need to pay 6 $ for the i 94 and get the receipt and show the receipt to get the new I 94 CARD. After i 94 is done , Just keep walking in the right most lanes 

AVOID SENTRI LANES (that's not for h1b or f1 people) take the general public lane.


It took about 20 Min to cross back to us border. Took the rikshaw ride back to BorderStation parking and drove back home. Thats It. It was very simple and fast. Would certainly goto TJ if i had to. It’s very safe and simple.


Hope this helps !











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