CONSEQUESES For traveliing with pending 1-131/1-485 without AP for Parents.

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My sister who is an US Citizen filled an application for my parents to immigrate who were visiting her and were in US , she did concurrent 1-131 and I-485 filling and the application was received on 2/20 by USCIS. My mom had some health issues and they left yesterday(2/23) without AP or petition approved for India.


What are the consequences of  this?

  1. They can’t travel to US on Tourist VISA anymore?
  2. Do they have to wait till I-131 is approved and then file for I-824 to transfer the case to embassy in India and wait for processing which could be 6months -2 years?
  3. If they have to wait for 2-3 years for processing and application to approve, is there any way they can travel to US? What in a case of emergency or for supporting the child?
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1. A bit dicey. Would you want your parents turned back at the POE?

2. They can file the documents for CP now and your parents will be called for an Interview for their Immigrant visas.

3. No way in Hades it takes 2-3 years.


Usually Citizens balk at what they consider unnecessary expense as the end result can only be approval. But let a law firm handle it from now on.

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