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Hi everyone,


My Husband is on H-1 and I am on H-4.My husband's I-140 is approved and we are planning to file for I-485 based on cross chargeability.The place of birth on my passport  is India and on the birth certificate is Sri Lanka.I have two questions


1.What are the chances of I-485 being denied because of the difference in the place of birth in the passport and the birth certificate.I have the original birth certificate from Sri Lanka.


2.If I-485 gets denied and If I apply for J-1 after I-485 denial what are the chances of J-1 approval.


I am a foreign medical graduate and I am in a dilemma if I should take the risk of applying for I-485 or just file for J-1.Please kindly advice.



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As a professional you would not seek medical opinion from a lay forum. I would urge you to involve a Lawyer in the matter and NOW. Maybe give the firm of Murthy a call. There were some forum posts in the near past about the same thing and they were informed by the Lawyer that the BC was more relevant. Talk to a Lawyer without wasting time and have them deal with the matter. I suspect you are OK.

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I would say you are going to be fine. The original birth certificate essentially trumps everything. The US does not really care what's the birth place is in your passport. If you can, just don't send a copy of that page. You need some confirmation of your identity from your country (bio page would do), but no confirmation of anything else.

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