I 485 pending - thinking of sending Kid to India for study/health reasons


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  • EB2 Priority date: June 2009
  • PD was current in early 2012
  • and I 485 currently pending (self, spouse and son),
  • currently on EAD, No H1 status
  • India trip using Advance Parole in 2013
  • Employer Change and Location Change in 2013 (Same/similar occupation)


  • 2014: Son in study/health issues, thinking of sending him to India for an year or two, will it impact his I485/GC? Will it impact my/spouse's GC chances?  Or wait till PD gets current and GC gets approved (may possibly be any time in 2015 in all good hopes)
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You son needs to be able to expend his AP to remain abroad. It's not clear if the two years your are talking about is to live in India without returning to the US, or he would be traveling here and there. Also, your son't age is of huge importance. This is why you need a lawyer to review your case for things you don't even think about than can screw up his case completely.

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