Applying for Fresh L1-B While old one is still valid


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Hi All,


Need urgent suggestion from your guys on L1-B


I was in US for 18 months on L1-B and back in India and it's almost a year now.


My existing L1-B is still valid for another 6 months.


My company is ready to send me to onsite again but they have strict internal policy of not applying for L1-B extension.


Is it possible to apply for fresh L1-B while existing is still valid?


If possible any personal experience on approval/rejection?


Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.




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If you travelling before your current L1B expires you can come to US on it and get the I94 extended. Since you have gap of more than 1 year you should be able to get a good future date. Once in US you can go for H1 in next year or go to Canada for stamping where the rejection rate for L1B is almost none for L1B compared to India. 


I would advise not to file new L1B as if it gets rejected they might cancel the existing one as well. 

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Thanks Loansurvivor!!!! For responding?

The new I-94, I will get for sure will have more validity then my L1B or it depends on the officer at the airport

Also do I need to apply for L1B extension beaded L1B validity or I-94 validity? What happens if my I-94 gets rejected can I stay until my I-94 is valid



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You will get the new I94 based on your reaming stay out of 5 years. My company asked for in-out details and they put the estimated date on which I will be completing 5 years. I didn't get the same date but I am sure they have some mechanism to calculate that. There is no such thing like I-94 rejection. It takes 2-3 weeks. You HR/Lawyer should be able to tell you that I think they send it to CBP. 

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