Successful H1 stamping on Feb 21 2014


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I went to Vancouver Canada for my first H1 stamping on Feb 21 2014, I had an appointment @10AM

I went to counter 4 and below are the questions asked.
-Is this your first H1?
-Who is your employer?
-Give me LCA, Paystubs, Employer Letter, Driver's License
While i am taking out the docs he asked me the following questions.
-Where did you do your Masters?
-Whats your major?
-Whats your annual pay?
-Who is your end client?
-Where is your end client? Do you like the place?
-Do you have any issues with your employer?
-When did you join your employer?
-What did you do asap after your Masters?
-He gave me a booklet and asked me to read and said your visa is approved. :)
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