Successful visa stamping @Calgary on 21 Feb 2014


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Hi everyone,


My interview was straight forward. Same set of questions were asked: 


1. Who is your employer?

2. How long have you been working with him?

3. Who's your client?

4. What does your client do?

5. Roles and responsibilities?

6. Is your employer paying you on time?


No documents were asked.. 


We were 3 people and all were asked the same questions. We all got the visa. Interview was around 1-2 minutes. 


There was one more guy in our hotel who had his interview last week. Same set of questions were asked to him. 


So don't worry. It's pretty good in Calgary.



We stayed in Day's Inn - Calgary South. Wifi sucks here. Worst internet connection. So think before you book this hotel.

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