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i will be dropping my docs for h1b and my wife's h4 stamping next week in delhi consulate as i could see that we are eligible for drop box option.

1. how long will it takes for the receipt to get activated after i pay the fee at a bank branch center - axis/citi bank?
2. i had the advice slip generated from my accout profile for paying the fees..it is a single slip that show the visa fees for both myself and my wife together($190 each - total $380) since i added her in my account profile and didnt create a separte account profile for her..so,will i get a separate fee payment receipt number for each of us or will it be a once receipt number common for both....I need this receipt number to generate the drop box confirmation letter.
3. for question 2) above..is a separate drop box confirmation letter required for myself and my wife or just one drop box letter is sufficient..please clarify.
4. mine is a E-V-C model.. i just got 3 yrs approved..do i need to submit the client and vendor letters also at the time of dropping the documents

5.since mine is a drop box option ..i dont have any appointment letters as such..all i have is drop box lettter and DS 160 form..but my attorney wants to notify the consulate 5 days in advance.without a appointment date , how does this advance period notification apply..

please clarify..

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