Transfer/Extension from company B to C when last approved petition is from company A


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Hi All,


          I have few questions regarding H1B transfer where my H1B extension is in progress.


Case :


I came to US on H1B with approved petition of Company-(A) which had validity till December 2013.  

I moved to company-(B) in November 2013 before Company-(A) H1B expiry. Now it is February 2014 and the Company-(B) H1B extension still in progress and got RFE. 

Now I have an offer from Company-© and they have initiated my H1B Visa Transfer and it is in progress.


Currently I am working for Company-(B) and I am waiting for Company-© H1B transfer to be approved before I move into their payroll. 


Questions :


1) If H1B extension filed by Company-(B) gets rejected from USCIS, will the H1B initiated my Company-© still be valid?


2) If I move to Company-© while the H1B transfer is in progress and Company-(B) withdraws my H1B extension which they filed, will Company-© transfer still hold valid?


Appreciate if you can help me to get the answers. 



AD Ganesh.

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