Successful stamping in Vancouver Canada


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thanks to all of you sharing your experiences. it is time for me to pay back.

i had interview on 18 feb 2014 and it got approved. i have collected the passport on 21st feb 2014.

interview experience:


first handed over the passport, I-797 and DS Confirmation page
1. How long you are working for this employer
2. Do you have an end client?
3. i need your client letter showing your responsibilities and LCA pls
4. How long you are working for this client?
5. Since what date? (repeated 2 times same question)
6. were you working with same client since your H1B started/petition filed?
7. How much they are paying you?
8. Are you working in xxx xx location?
9. do you have degree from US?
10. which university?
11. It looks like i have everything and you have maintained the status all the times but tell me if you have any violations, arrests and criminal records now
so that i can verify. (my ans: no criminal history at all)
12. I have problem with verifying the PIMS database. i dont see any issues with your application. you will get your passport in 5 days.



good luck all.

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