LPR seeking advice to bring wife (previous J1 holder) & daughter to US

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I'm a Permanent Resident since Feb 2012. My wife completed here medical residency on a J1 visa. Currently she resides in India and she is planning to go through the 2 year Home return rule in J1. She started this HRR last July 2013. She gave birth to our daughter while in India in 2013. The goal is to stay with my wife & daughter until her HRR is over and not loose my GC during my stay in India.  Hence I'm planning to apply for a reentry permit for my GC (I-131). Based on the context above I have few questions


1. Can I apply for a GC for my daughter while staying in India (or) US without issues? What are some problems that I might face in both scenarios?


2. Can I start the GC process for my wife by end of this year (2014) even though she would have completed only 18 months in her HRR? Given that 1-130 takes 5-6 months and the backlog for F2A category I would imagine she could get her visa number only after her HRR time period is completed.


3. I may try to bring both of them through B visa for a temporary stay this year. What is the best practice to reenter US on a B visa without any hassles at port of entry?


Thanks in advance for your insights and answers.





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Extremely specialist advise needed. The best solution is to have her get a H1 job and return after the 2 years and then deal with the GC. Surely she has contacts from her residency. Even a Fellowship will do if based on H1 status. Give the firm of Murthy or any of your choice a call and discuss the specifics. It will happen. The sooner the better. Best of luck.

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