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I have attended visa interview today (approved in Ottawa) and PIMS is not updated. So, there will be at least 2 days delay (VO said it should be available by Wed day or Thursday).


I originally had Ottawa as my passport pickup location. Since it is going to delay passport delivery, i am planning to go to vancouver and change the loomis branch to Vancouver.


If i change it to Vancouver will it make big difference in delivering my passport (in regards to time)? I know it will take more time, but would like to know how much delay i can expect (like a day or two or more than two days)?


Do they ship passport for next day delivery? what kind of loomis service do they use?


Please share your experience if anyone did something like this.

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Dont worry, you can change the Loomis Location while you have Admin Processing, in my case I Had my intw in Ottawa and the same day I cahnged my Loomis Location to Montreal and I was able to pickup. Basically the key thing is once you VISA gets stampped it would create issues. So as long as you have Admin processing you should be fine.

change to Vancouver and once the VISA gets stampped it would be delivered there

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