Visa interview attended on Feb 18 at vancouver but no waybill was assigned


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First I would like to thank to forum & each and everyone one who posted their past experience.


My visa interview was at 10.00 AM I arrived at 9.00 AM. But they asked me to come at 9.45 then I waited in the lobby.


First you have to provide the passport , I-797 and DS-160 confirmation to the security and they will check your visa time and check your folder and provide you a locker, if incase if you have a phone or something which you are not able to carry to the interview(the lockers are very small it can fit  keys ,phones...). If incase if you want locker you need to provide a copy of some government issue id like Driving license or State ID.


Once the above process is completed  then wait for security check in the 2nd floor and the they will ask you provide passport,I-797,Ds-160 and a passport size photo and in return they just provide a token. Wait for your token to display then go to the counter 1 to get the fingerprints done, then wait foe someone to call you to go to 20th floor. Once you enter into the 20th floor there will not be much waiting time.


I called for the counter 6.


Here are the my interview questions.


Vo: Wished  me asked how are you?

Me: wished


Vo: Is your 1st H1?

Me: Yes


Vo: Did you study in US?

Me: Yes


Vo: Where :



Vo: he itself asked did you do masters in CS?

Me: I said no and said XXXXXX


Vo: When did you graduate?



Vo: What did you do from to now?



Vo: What is your company?



Vo: Do you end client?

Me: yes, XXXX


Vo:What does your client do?



Vo: From when your working that client?



Vo: so you changed your employer in between?



Vo : can I see your paystubs, Offer letter and LCA?

Me: Given


Vo: Your company did not mention the wages in the offer letter how did accept the letter and how will now how much he was offering?



Please take offer letter with the wages don't take the generic one.


Vo: If you know by something how will know your salary?



He told me this is not they way to provide the offer letter.


Vo: asked my salary?



Vo: what does you do to the client ?

Me: Roles and responsibilities.


Vo: do you have a family :

Me: yes


Vo : is he is on h1 ?



Vo: your visa is tentatively approved since the my system is down I am not able to check PIMS information. 

Me : Thank you



God luck to eveyone

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