Questios regarding my pay checks


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I am working for a desi based company(from NJ) for past 5 years on H1B.


I will little frustrated about the way they pay my salary.


1) Bi weekly checks are run based on my base salary which they set it to 90K (where i actuallly get little more than that)
  -- Since the bi weekly checks are run through ASP, there are deposited on time.

2) And they say they will pay the remaining amount every 3 months as Bonus.
 -- But these checks were delayed every time saying there is delay in payment from vendors.
 -- And Since they are running them as Bonus i am paying more taxes around 40%.
 -- When i ask why is this , they are saying at the end of the year the taxes are gonna be same and if in case i pay more
     i will get as tax returns and ideally i got only 1200$ tax returns last yera with the waages 0f 114K.


My last pay check for 2013 is shown in the attachment.(Numbers slightly modified due to security issues :)) - sample digits


EARNINGS                        Rate               Hours    This Period                Year to date


Regular                               28.8463          80          2307.70                     60,200.70

Project Bonus                                                             515.38                      7,153.82

Special Bonus                                                             638.46                    16,000.96

Bonus                                                                                                          33,400.00


Gross                                                                        3461.54                    116,742.98




Deductions                               Statutory


  Federal Income Tax                                               -687.66                        24,801.28

  Social Sec Tax                                                          -31.47                         7,048.40

  Medicare Tax                                                             -50.19                         1,690.48

  NJ state tax                                                               -153.08                        5,488.20

  NJ SUI/SDI tax                                                                                                  272.46


you can see in the pic that for every check there will a Reguly pay,Project Bonus,Special pay and the the Bonus which will added every 3 months.

Is this right what they are doing? am i loosing anything here. why i am not getting much tax returns?.

Can anyone ghelp me on this.



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