LCA 40 miles from work loctaion for H1B


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I have a H1B Visa My Employer posted LCA for a city A for client A before travelling to USA.But when I travelled I travelled to City B for the same client A. City B is around 40 miles from City A. My Employer might have calculated tax zip code as City B . My payslips does not show client location so there is no confusion.


1. Is it true that H1B holder can work in  any commutable location from the LCA posted office of the client location.

2. If Yes is 40 mles considered as commutable location?


3. How does this location change impact me if I consider myself working from City A in all the documents to avoid confusion.

4. Now when If I apply for  a H1B transfer , the CV sent o USCIS or any such document, should I mention City A or City B. 


Thanks in advance.

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