Successful H1B stamping at Toronto in EVC model and COS


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Hello All,
I would to like to thanks to this forum where I got most of the information about stamping in canada
I came in US in year 2009 on L1A visa from a well reputed indian IT firm. I changed my status to H1B in year 2011 and never been out of US since 2009. Because of family(parents), I decided to go to INDIA but because of 221(g) cases, I was bit of scared that whether I will get my H1 stamped successfully or not in INDIA and it is bit expensive too
So I decided to take canada option but again I was scared too here as This is going to be first H1B stamping for me after Change of status. I was working with an small IT consulting firm since 2011 which I see as an advantage in H1B stamping. I was working with a client since 2012 but in 2013, client business was sold to another company which results in change in work location and client name. When we talked to attorney about H1B stamping, He advised us to have H1B petition and LCA change. I started process of getting Canada visa where I put in VISA stamping as purpose of travel and submitted DS160 with original petition receipt number. I got canada TRV in 1.5 months and at the same time I got my H1B amendment notice too. I again submitted a new DS160 and update new DS160 number in VISA appointment website (Click on edit link near by your name). I book a package with hotel+flight+rental car from hotwire for 5 days and reached Toronto a day before my interview.
My interview was scheduled at 8:00 AM on Feb 10, 2014. I reached consulate at 7:50 and stand in queue where around 10 person were there.
1. Security clearance
2. Check interview appointment letter and passport
3. check DS160 confirmation and passport. Here officer write PIMS and then changed it to NO PIMS. not sure what was that
4. went for finger prints
5. VISA officer called and following was questions asked
Q. Why you want to go to US.
A. for living and working at ....
Q. Why you changed H1 from L1
A. for better living and prospects
Q. why H1 is better than L1
A. H1 is person specific and L1 is company specific so we can not switch in case of better opportunities
Q. How long you are in US
A. Since.... and with employer since...
VISA officer gave white form of instructions to pick up your documents and said nothing.  The good thing about him, He did not asked me a single document not even which model I am working etc.

I checked my status every 2 hours. Initially it was admin processing. After 2 days(48 hours), it was changed to READY on Feb 12th, 2014 in morning. and then on Feb 13, 2014, in morning status again changed to admin processing which changed to Issued in evening which gave me good feel and surity about picking passport by thursday or friday
I was so tensed as did not got any email from loomis to pick the passport and also I have a booked flight on friday evening. but nothing happened. I talked to loomis about receiving email by friday 3:00 PM, Can they deliver me passport which they refused and told me to collect next business day
I missed my flight. I already checked out hotel and staying in hotel lobby for remote working. Finally I decided to go to consulate but useless. They dont have any information regarding passport pick up and we can not pick passport if we selected loomis branch.
I learnt one thing from this incident that always try to collect from consulate only. Ask VO if they can deliver next day or day after. It cost me more than $700 and loss of 4 days away from family due to long weekend both in US and canada
I immediately looked for the hotel near to airport and check in. I got the email on friday mid night from loomis that I can collect the passport which was too late. I was completely pissed off for 3 days and finally I took a rental car and went to niagara falls. I picked the passport on Tuesday morning 8:30 and board a bus to new york at 12 noon
verified Passport. They have taken paper I94 which was attached to passport
At port of Entry at buffalo border, I gave passport, I797 to offcer and he asked me following ques
Q. Why you went to canada
A. for VISA stamping
Q. He looked me in strange way and told me that do I know, I can still travel to canada without going for stamping
A. I said him that I have to go India for a short time so I had to go to canada for VISA stamping
He tore the I94 attached to I797 and put it in passport and told me that I am good to go
Overall It was very pleasant experience at US consulate of Toronto and port of entry except following things where advices are welcome
1. H1B VISA is not has entry stamp
2. I94 was not issued
3. got stuck because of holidays
All the best to everyone who have scheduled their VISA stamping
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